In-store Services


We offer tailoring services to clothing items purchased in our store. For basic adjustments (shortening of sleeves, trouser legs, etc), the costs are €10. Need something more complicated? Please don’t hesitate to ask us. We’re happy to help!

Duty-free shopping

Do you live outside the European Union? Then you’re eligible to shop duty free. This means you don’t have to pay 21% VAT. Deduct 21% off the retail price tag on any shop item to you see how much you can save. To reclaim the VAT, inform our staff you like to shop duty free. Upon check-out, we will personalize the invoice with your home address, print and stamp it. When you leave the European Union, remember to ask for a stamp at customs to proof you exit the EU with the goods. Once you returned to your home country, send us the stamped invoice via e-mail to together with a copy of your ID. Once we received the required documents, we will send you an e-mail confirmation. Simply reply to our e-mail telling us what bank or Paypal account you’d like the refund to be deposited on. We will then transfer the VAT within 5 workdays. Please note, any bank transaction costs will be deducted from the VAT refund.

This service is offered to our international customers free of charge.

Styling Workshop

Every now and then we organize styling workshops for our customers. You’ll learn the principles of fashion styling and how to select clothing that flatters your body type the most. Keep an eye on our newsletter to see when is the next edition!

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